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Azerbaijan is an oil rich country, and it is also strategically important, like all Caucasian nations. Due to its enviable position, it has always been a bridge between East and West. For millennia, it was an important crossroad of the Silk Route.
The country was part of many empires, including the Persian, the Ottoman, and recently the Soviet Union, until it gained independence in 1991. This led to a multi-ethnic composition of its population, and to a varied and rich culture.
Azerbaijan's location always made it a gateway between east and west, and the country was an important stop on the Silk Route.
The country is also one of the most geographically varied in the world. You find the beautiful sea-cost environment along the Caspian Sea, lush green valleys to the South, very high unspoiled Caucasus mountains to the North, semi-desert areas in the centre, and everywhere you find beautiful sceneries, views, and above you find magic colours.

This page is brought to you in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Azerbaijan Republic. Please visit its website.


The Caucasus Mountains


The Bibi Heybat Mosque in Baku

Traditional dancers

The colourful and varied food

Azerbaijani are very friendly and hospitable

The Government House in Baku

Getting There and Around

Flights to Azerbaijan

The national airline is Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL), please visit their website:

It is renowned for its reliability and courtesy of the service. It operated from most international airports.

Travel by road, rail and water

Baku has a beautiful national harbour, and provides a full array of shipping service throughout the Caspian Sea. There is a regular line with Turkmenbashi, which is Turkmenistan's most important port, and gateway to the country.

City view of Baku, with view of its harbour

The Caspian Sea, the world's
largest lake

By road

Although the infrastructure are being implemented to reach top international standards, the current roads are safe and allow a secure journey to Azerbaijan. Roads lead to the country from Iran, Georgia and from the Russian Federation.
There are regular train service (for both passengers and commodities) with the capital of Georgia Tbilisi, Makhachkala in Dagestan (Russia), as well as with Moscow and other major cities of the Russian Federation. .

Car hire:

You can rent a car from international firms in Baku, especially in its port and airport. You cal also ask the concierge of major hotels to provide you a car rental in town.


Azerbaijan practical travel advice

A valid passport and a visa is required to enter the country. Please visit the Azerbaijan embassy or travel authorities before traveling to the country. Visas are easily obtained. It is advised to have a valid visa before entering the country, and not at the airport or port when you arrive. 


The Azerbaijan National Healthcare provides free medical treatment to all Azers citizens. In addition, there are reciprocal agreements between the UK and Azerbaijan, enabling UK travelers to receive low-cost or free emergency care. Please contact your Azerbaijan Embassy or Consulate on this matter.



Azerbaijan's national currency is the Azeri New Manat (AZN) = which is divided in 100 Gopik. Bank notes are available in denominations of 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 and 1 AZN, while coins are in denominations of 50, 20, 10, 5, 3 and 1 Gopik.

Travel advice

The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict with Armenia is undergoing a truce, but it was not yet settled politically. Azerbaijan considers the area as occupied by Armenian forces, and it is not advised to travel there. Please contact the national and regional Azerbaijan travel authorities before traveling to this region.



Important addresses

Azerbaijan Republic Ministry of Youth, Sport & Tourism

1072, Baku City, Olimpiya str. 4, Azerbaijan. 
Tel: (12) 465 6442. 

Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the UK

4 Kensington Court, London W8 5DL, UK.   
Tel: (020) 7938 3412 or 5482 (consular section). 
Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the USA
Ambassador: Yashar ALIYEV
Chancery: 2741 34th St., NW, Washington, DC 20008
Telephone: (202) 337-3500
Fax: (202) 337-5911
Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in France

Paris, Rue de la Universite 209, Paris, France
Phone: +33-1-441-860-20
Fax: +33-1-441-860-25

Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Italy

Viale Regina Margherita 1, piano 2 00198 Roma, Italia
Tel. (+39) 0685305557, 0685357989
Fax (+39) 0685831448

For accommodation in Italy near the embassy and in Rome we recommend the quality apartments provided by Roman Homes

Embassy of Azerbaijan in Berlin, Germany

Axel-Springer-Strasse 54A, Berlin, Germany
Phone:  +49-30-219-1613  ||  +49-30-2064-8063
Fax: +49-30-2191-6152

Embassy of Azerbaijan in Ankara, Turkey

Diplomatic Site, Baku Sokak. 1, Oran, Ankara, Turkey
Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Istanbul, Turkey

Sumbul Sokak 17, Levent 1, Istanbul, Turkey
Embassy of Azerbaijan in Moscow, Russia

Leontiyevskiy pereulok 16, Moscow, Russia
Consulate General of Azerbaijan in St. Petersburg, Russia

Ulitsa Marata 73, St. Petersburg, Russia
Fax: +7-812-311-2945


Shopping in Azerbaijan

The best shopping centers to buy the famous Azeri carpets is the carpet-weaving centre at Nardaran. World renowned silk, ceramics and other craftwork is especially sold at the covered market  Sharg Bazary in Baku. It is customary to negotiate prices. Be aware that carpets and other artifacts made before 1960 are subjects to an export tax, and above all they must be allowed and certified for export by the Ministry of Culture.

Right: Baku at night



For a complete list of the hotels, please visit the website of the Azerbaijan Travel and Tourism Authority: Hotels in Azerbaijan


Ministries and Agencies

Academy of Science News and history of the Academy.  
Development Gateway Promotes investment in the country. The site has many governmental and non-governmental partners.  
Human Rights Commission Human rights in Azerbaijan.  
Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies Information about the agency responsible for telecommunications.  
Ministry of Culture Sponsored by the ministry. The site includes a list of the ministry's departments and information about the arts in Azerbaijan.  
Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Responsible for managing natural resources.  
Ministry of Economic Development Formerly the Ministry of State Property. Covers privatization and other economic issues.  
Ministry of Education Information and press releases.  
Ministry of Finance Includes budget data and relevant legislation.  
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Foreign policy and consular information.  
Ministry of Health Health data and a report on healthcare reform.  
Ministry of Internal Affairs Ministerial structure, contact information and documents.  
Ministry of National Security Security policy and analytical documents.  
Ministry of Youth, Sport and Tourism Press releases, legislation and the ministry's structure.  
Mission to the European Union Responsible for strengthening the relationship between Azerbaijan and the EU.  
Mission to the United Nations Press releases and links.  
Organization for Democracy and Economic Development (GUAM) A site sponsored by the embassies of Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova.  
State Committee on Land and Cartography Data on land reform, maps and other information.  
State Customs Committee Customs policies and data.  
State Oil Fund Manages oil and gas related revenues for the benefit of the country and its future generations.  


Institutes and NGOs
Non-governmental organizations and institutes in Azerbaijan.

Azerweb Supports the nonprofit sector and provides information about NGO activities.  
British Council The Council's page about Azerbaijan.  
Central Asia/Caucasus Analyst A site associated with Johns Hopkins University's Central Asia-Caucasus Institute.  
Eurasianet News and analysis about Central Asia and the Caucasus.  
Internews Promotes the expansion of mass media as a means to consolidate democracy.  
Research Center for Turkestan and Azerbaijan Publications and a few links to other related pages.  
nited Nations Discusses UN activities in Azerbaijan.  

 News and Media

Azerbaijan International Political, social and cultural news.  
Azerinews Part of  
AzerTAc The official information agency of Azerbaijan.  
Baku Boulevard The on-line version of the English language daily.  
BBC Azeri service from the BBC.  
Internet News Business and technology news.  
Midiya Press Political, economic and cultural news. .  
Mirror (Zerkalo) A daily on-line news source.  
Our Century (Nash Vek) An on-line weekly.  
RFE/RL Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's Azeri Service. Business and commercial news.  
Transitions Online TOL covers the states of East Central Europe and the former Soviet Union, providing news and analysis with a local angle.  


Azerbaijan related sites

Azerbaijan Info Economic, cultural and political information.  
Baku Stock Exchange Monitor your investments in Azerbaijan.  
Diaspora Forum of World Azerbaijanis.  
Law Library US Library of Congress guide to Azerbaijan's law.  
Legislation of Azerbaijan Court decisions and text of legislation.  
US Embassy Presents public affairs programs and consular information.  

US-Azerbaijan Council

It promotes interest in and knowledge about Azerbaijan and the Caspian region.  

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